What They Say



Following are a few of the verbatim comments and recommendations received from participants of Introspect International programs such as The Mindset of Leadership 2-day Workshop, Get Off Your “S” 4-hour Workshop, in-house and public programs, as well as customized programs.


“I highly recommend this course not only for leaders but for all personnel. Instructors were passionate about the outcome and shared their experiences. Our organization could produce so many positive outcomes by implementing and incorporating these skills.”

“This is the first leadership training that gave me the tools to handle relevant situations/issues. This training makes me feel better prepared to be a good leader.”

“This was a great class. Most others that I’ve attended were a yawn, but not this one. After we were taught the principles, we were working “hands-on” and in various scenarios to apply what we learned.”

“A MUST have for all leaders. Provides tools to be successful. I will incorporate and value ideas and opinions to become a change agent. Great job! Thanks for all the tools.”

“Bring it on! It was all about me and my leadership & how I can change me. This was such a different way of packaging leadership than taught before.”

“Outstanding! I can’t believe how much I learned and will use from 2 short days. Hands down the best training I have received in my 25 year career. Thank you!”


“This workshop is desperately needed to help our organization & employees be more productive, to understand themselves and others and also to learn to work together as a team.”

“The tools in this workshop are beneficial to all employees. Attending as a team was actually quite invigorating.”

“Very effective. This course teaches us a language we all need to help us grow as an organization, allowing us to build an environment that attracts creative and productive employees.”

“I think this workshop can make our team more productive and improve morale.”

“Opened my mind to new ways to work problems/issues/opportunities.”

“I believe this workshop will help to change the culture and the organization with regards to interactions and resolving conflicts/problems.”

“This is an exceptional course that will help create an environment of high morale – and help us form a more cohesive team.”

“I learned tools I can use to create a team well balanced in communication, addressing the situation and being successful with results.”