Our Team



Introspect trainers come from the corporate and government world. We have been in your shoes! We have learned what works, what doesn’t, and everything in between. We teach from experience and passionately believe in personal leadership.

We make our teaching points through stories, sharing from our professional and personal lives. Our stories make us real. Our trainers have passed a rigorous qualification and certification program where their credentials, knowledge, and presentation skills have been tested and evaluated.

Our backgrounds include sales, customer care, information systems, training, sales training, operations, human resources, marketing and organizational development. We have been individual contributors, supervisors, managers, managers of managers, and on senior teams.


“The instructors put people at ease. This course would be great for any job title.”

“The trainers are great speakers. Shared personal information that was not all “rosy,” which made them credible. Materials are exceptional.”

“The facilitators maintained an excitement about the topics. They were knowledgeable about the material and could apply it to everyday work environments.”